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If you have any further questions regarding the practice, new clients or making a booking with us, the simplest way is to email us via the email address below or by using our contact form and we can then discuss any queries you may have.

You can see our latest prices here. Parking is available close to the clinic on West Street (use postcode CW12 1JN for your sat nav) or see the Car Parks in Congleton Cheshire page on the East Cheshire Council website.

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9 West Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1JN

Chiropractor in Cheshire

Chiropractic care has become increasingly popular in recent years as people seek out non-invasive and drug-free methods of treating various health conditions. One of the many chiropractors in the United Kingdom is Congleton Chiropractic. Located in the beautiful county of Cheshire, this chiropractic clinic is dedicated to providing patients with high-quality care tailored to their individual needs. The clinic’s experienced chiropractor uses a range of techniques to help relieve pain, restore movement and improve overall health.

Patients who visit this Cheshire based chiropractor can expect the clinic’s chiropractor to also offer advice on posture, ergonomics and stress management. This can help prevent future injuries and improve overall health and wellbeing. Congleton Chiropractic is committed to providing patients with the highest level of care and is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). This means that the clinic’s chiropractors adhere to strict standards of professionalism, conduct and competence. What’s more, patients can be assured that they are receiving safe and effective care from a qualified and experienced practitioner.

In summary, this Cheshire based chiropractor is a clinic dedicated to providing patients with high-quality chiropractic care. The clinic has a focus on holistic health, individualised treatment plans and a commitment to professional standards. In addition, patients can expect to receive safe, effective and personalised care for a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

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